While your attorney will make the insurance claim process MUCH EASIER for you, the primary goal of legal representation is to get you more money. Lawyers collect higher settlements! Since our fee is a percentage of the end result, we are motivated to collect the highest total settlement. If we can collect much more than you could get dealing alone with the adjuster, we pay our own fee. You should expect more net money in hand with an attorney even after the attorney’s fee is paid with a share of your settlement.

While this list is NOT complete, here are some of the key methods lawyers use to INCREASE YOUR PERSONAL INJURY SETTLEMENT:

  • Control Insurance Communications – Former adjuster Carl Nagle knows adjusters work ONLY to minimize your accident claims. We stop their efforts to talk or write to you directly. Adjusters cannot communicate with you once we are involved, and we will help you avoid the payment delay tactics that adjusters commonly use to reduce victim claim payments.
  • Investigate The Accident and Prove Fault – Insurance companies always try to avoid responsibility. We have a team of law enforcement experts and accident reconstruction experts who stand ready to prove all driver errors that caused your collision. If insurance companies can show you are just 1% at fault, they owe you nothing. We take control of the crash investigation to identify and prove all factors that caused your accident. This evidence is the cornerstone of a valuable injury claim.
  • Validate Your Threat of a Lawsuit – All you have is a right to sue. Adjusters know that victims who handle their cases alone intend to settle. They know you are not prepared to file suit and conduct a jury trial, and they also know you likely do not know the likely verdict range. They will not pay a premium to avoid trial if they don’t believe you intend to file suit an conduct a winning trial.
  • Coordinate Medical Treatment – Our firm does NOT recommend doctors, and you should avoid the lawyers who do this. However, we will listen carefully to your story and symptoms, and our medical expertise will help you ask the right questions of your doctors. We will also help you understand ongoing symptoms, and make sure you are getting all of the very best medical care for all injuries. Proper medical care protects your health, and the records documenting all treatment will help us secure maximum payment for pain and suffering.
  • Coordinate Health Insurance Filings – Proper use of health insurance grants you access to the best medical care. Proper coordinate and use of health insurance also increases your net settlement payments. In some cases, we can collect for medical bills from multiple sources. For example, proper use of Medpay coverage and private health insurance in some cases lawfully allows the victim to collect from three separate sources for the same medical bill. These multiple payments are entirely legal and we help to maximize your right to benefits and payments under all applicable insurance policies.
  • Build All Damage Claims – Attorneys know what can be legally collected at trial. The best injury lawyers also know how exactly how to secure proper medical opinions to prove the full nature and extent of all injuries. We know what is necessary to prove that an injury is permanent, thereby allowing you to collect money now for all FUTURE MEDICAL CARE and FUTURE PAIN AND SUFFERING. Insurance adjusters will not help you “build” your case or find reasons to pay you more money. Lawyers will, and this is primarily how we earn our fee and increase your net settlement payments.
  • Identify Hidden Defendants – Vehicle accidents are often caused by multiple parties and factors. If we can locate parties other than the at-fault driver (i.e. another driver who also made mistakes leading to your accident OR the owner of a borrowed vehicle OR the provider of alcohol in a DWI collision OR the at-fault driver’s employer), we can bring those parties into the case and compel them to contribute to your total settlement payments.
  • Access Multiple Insurance Policies – We look beyond the car insurance for the at-fault driver to find EXTRA coverage for your injuries and losses. In many cases, we find excess liability policies or umbrella policies OR commercial policies for employers in cases where an at-fault driver was on the job when they caused an accident. We can also stack (add up)and collect under multiple Uninsured Motorist (UM) and Underinsured Motorist (UIM) policies in your household.
  • Help You Avoid Premium Increases – If we are able to collect from insurance sources in your household, we will also help to make claims in a way that avoids or eliminates any risk of harm/cancellation of your coverage, and we will also avoid the risk of ANY increase in your family’s car insurance rates. We will help you collect payment benefits without having to pay them back later through higher premiums.
  • Maximize Your Lost Wage Claims – We will help you collect for past lost pay, and for all future lost earning capacity. Also, in serious injury cases, proper medical evidence can allow us to claim and collect for years’ of future lost wages in cases where we can show that your injuries will ultimately require you to retire early due to pain or physical limitations.
  • Protect Your Settlement From Taxes – In most personal injury cases, the settlement is properly structured so that you owe NO TAX on your personal injury settlement.
  • Minimize Outside Claims Against Your Settlement – Health insurance carriers often claim a right to take a share of your injury settlement. If you ignore them, they can sue you or even cancel your health insurance policy. We deal with these claims head-on. If we cannot defeat the claim and protect the entire settlement, we will negotiate aggressively to minimize the share that your health insurance carrier takes. If medical bills are still due at time of settlement, we will negotiate with the doctors’ offices to reduce the amount necessary to pay all bills in full. Every penny we save by reducing claims against settlement goes directly to you. Insurance adjusters will NOT negotiate reduced balances for medical bills, and they will NOT seek to reduce the amount they deduct from your settlement to pay Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare or any other health insurance company.
  • Control Insurance Company Defense Costs – We put YOU in control of the insurance company’s defense costs. Our law firm is a trial law practice. If the adjuster will not offer a fair settlement, we simply file suit and proceed toward a trial in your home county. This drivers the insurance company’s costs up considerably. They now have to hire and pay a lawyer to defend the at-fault driver, pay for court costs and other trial expenses, hire and pay their own medical experts, and they also have to pay 8% interest on whatever we win in court. This cost leverage is how we are able to push the adjuster to pay a fair settlement!
  • Join You Through Trial Whenever Necessary – If the insurance adjusters will not pay a fair settlement, we will conduct a trial in your home county and collect FULL compensation for all injury claims through the legal process. Most cases settle, but we are trial lawyers and we know how to collect everything the law allows if the other side refuses to see things your way.

Every injury case is different. Please call Carl Nagle now and let him explain how he can help you to deal with all of the problems arising from your accident, and how he can take your unique circumstances and motivate much higher payments on all of your accident and insurance claims. This is a simple, NO RISK FREE CONSULTATION. Even if you choose not to hire a lawyer, you will have a much better understanding of how the insurance companies will approach your case.

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