Raleigh Injury and Accident Lawyer

We secure E.C.M. data – Electronic Control Modules (a/k/a electronic data recorders or “black boxes”) are becoming more and more common in commercial vehicles, and in private passenger autos. Satellite Tracking Systems are also commonly used in place of driver log books. These two devices provide independent evidence of the speed and direction of a commercial vehicle, and can be essential evidence in cases where fault and liability are contested. With the advent of anti-lock brakes, speed calculations based on skid-mark distance are rarely available. Black box data has therefore become essential in accident analysis.

Tractor trailer accidents produce catastrophic results. It is a critical mistake to treat a commercial vehicle accident like a typical car accident. Typically, private passenger car accidents are far easier to understand, and are less vigorously defended. If your accident was caused by a commercial vehicle, hire an attorney immediately. Proper, thorough investigation and case management are essential tasks of the experienced transportation lawyer. Further, by detailing all evidence and losses, your attorney ensures that the full value of your case is paid promptly by all responsible parties.

If you were injured in Raleigh, North Carolina contact The Law Offices of Nagle & Associates for a FREE initial consultation with an experienced injury and accident lawyer. We handle cases where victims have suffered an injury in an accident due to the negligence of another individual. Our offices are located in Raleigh, North Carolina and 4 other North Carolina locations. We can successfully handle injury and accident cases throughout all of North Carolina.

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