Raleigh, NC Motorcycle Accident Attorney


Raleigh, NC Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Raleigh Personal Injury Attorneys Protect the Rights of Those Injured in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident In Brunswick CountyThere are more than 6 million motorcycles registered in the U.S., and probably another million who ride off road bikes, which do not require a license, and the need for motorcycle safety has never been greater. Some ways to help prevent motorcycle accidents include:



Proper Training

Training is one of the most effective ways to stay safe and minimize the risk of injury. There are many organizations across the U.S. that offer United States Motorcycle Safety Education courses, including state agencies, non-profit organizations, and corporations. Motorcycle training teaches riders the skills for driving on public roads, much like driver’s education teaches people how to safely drive a car.

Appropriate Clothing and Equipment

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), one of the main reasons that motorcyclists are killed in accidents is because the motorcycle itself provides little or no protection in a crash, and the rider was not wearing the proper protective clothing and equipment. Helmets, eye protection, and protective clothing not only increase riding comfort but also reduce the severity of injury should the rider get into an accident.

Defensive Driving

Motorcyclists need to ride confidently and assertively, but not timidly or aggressively. An assertive rider practices defensive driving by using choosing his position in a lane (left, center, or right third of the lane) to help increase their visibility in traffic, while an aggressive driver often ignores lanes entirely. Weaving in and out of traffic, riding on the shoulder of the road, and lingering in another motorist’s blind spot are all unsafe driving practices that can result in accidents.

When motorcycle accidents are caused by the negligent conduct of another person, a personal injury lawsuit may be filed to collect damages from those responsible. If you suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident due to someone else’s carelessness, contact Nagle & Associates online or call (800) 411-1583 to schedule your free initial consultation.

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