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Top Reasons Why It Is Important To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

Posted by 1p21.editor | Aug 25th, 2019 | Uncategorized

In 2016, the total number of car accidents in North Carolina was 267,494. That was just in 2016 and in North Carolina alone. According to the statistics released by North Carolina’s Department of Transporation, 32.2% of the total number of cases are attributed to speeding and car crashes. With these facts alone, it is crucial to know what you can do in case you are involved in a car accident.

If you are reading this article, it is most likely that you are experiencing this unfortunate situation right now. Maybe you have just encountered a car accident, and you would want to know which steps to take in moving forward. You should be able to call medical emergency services to help you with pacifying your injuries until you get to a hospital. Reporting the incident to police officers is also a requirement under North Carolina’s laws. These are the initial steps that you should take after being involved in a car accident. However, there is one more crucial thing that you should do  – that is to hire North Carolina personal injury attorneys.

Let us take a look at how you may benefit from hiring a personal injury lawyer if you were injured in an accident.

They Are Professional And Objective About The Case

After an accident, it is hard to comprehend the situation and talk with anyone right away, especially if there is another party involved. Emotions can run high. However, you can expect only the utmost professionalism and sound legal advice from a NC personal injury attorney. If you are a bit hesitant on getting the services of a personal injury lawyer, you should always remember that they have dealt with similar cases aside from yours. They know which steps in a personal injury claim would be beneficial for you. Once you have handed off your statement to your lawyer, he will be the one to analyze it and create a case from it.

They Are Good In Negotiating

Personal injury lawyers want you to get the best recovery of compensation for the damages their clients have sustained. It is not easy to negotiate with other parties, especially if they do not think that they are fully responsible for your personal injuries. Insurance companies can also be difficult to deal with too in terms of compensation. Generally, insurance companies want to give you the lowest possible compensation for your injuries and call it their “final” offer. If you do not have a personal injury lawyer to give you any advice as to how much you should receive for the damages, there is a greater chance that you might take this “final” offer. This will not happen if you have your lawyer with you. 

The one that is responsible for negotiating with insurance companies and other parties when it comes to compensation for damages is your NC personal injury attorney.

They Can Help You Get The Right Medical Team For Your Injuries

Lawyers may be skilled in law, but if there is one thing that they are also good at, it is having a lot of connections. For personal injury lawyers, they are closely tied with medical personnel. Since your medical records will be considered as evidence, your lawyer should be in close contact with the medical team or doctor who is handling your injuries. Your lawyer might even consult your doctor on how severe the damages are and what could be its possible effects for you in the future. It is through your hospital bills and medical records that your lawyer could build almost half of the total compensation that your camp could negotiate with.

They Can Help You Choose The Best Legal Option

If you were involved in a car accident case, it is not given that your case will automatically go to court. In fact, that is the last resort that you would want to go through because the process is tedious and can potentially be very draining on you emotionally and physically. Hiring a personal injury lawyer will not necessarily mean that you are going to fight your battle in court. The first step would be negotiating. Your lawyer will be the one to give you the legal options that you can take and can also provide the best advice on the next steps that you should pursue. However, they will not impose what decision you are going to make since it is still your freedom to make your choice. The best that they can do is to give you sufficient and sound legal advice for the situation.

They Can Help Expedite Claims About Your Personal Injuries

Since the amount of compensation will be dictated on the medical bills and insurance coverages, it may take a long time before you have a final cost that you can work with for the settlement. The process may take months, depending on how long you have to stay in a hospital or for your full recovery.

However, if you have a personal injury lawyer, they could deal with the amount of compensation while you are still recovering. These lawyers have already experienced such cases in the past, and they would definitely know which actions to take to speed up the process.

It Is Always A Good Idea To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

Do not feel alone after suffering a personal injury in an accident. You should know your options and legal rights. Hiring a personal injury lawyer can help you receive the compensation you deserve from your injuries and suffering.