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Should You Immediately Hire A Lawyer After A Car Accident?

Posted by 1p21.editor | Aug 19th, 2019 | Uncategorized
Winston Salem personal injury lawyer

Motor vehicle accidents happen every day. With a growing number of car accidents each day being filed and recorded under Winston-Salem NC’s database, getting in touch with a Winston Salem personal injury lawyer if you are involved in an accident would be a wise decision. 

What Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

A personal injury lawyer deals with anything under the ruling of tort law. These are the experts that you can rely upon when you are dealing with insurance claims, car accident cases and possible personal damages that you have sustained from an unfortunate event.

Benefits Of Calling A Personal Injury Lawyer Right After An Accident

Some people may be hesitant about whether or not they should get the services of a Winston Salem personal injury lawyer. If you consider calling in a lawyer right away, here are the advantages that you can get when you have a personal injury lawyer immediately after a car accident.

Faster and more accurate assessment of the case

In any kind of case that you are looking to file in court, it would be far more beneficial if you hire a lawyer as soon as possible. When you let some time elapse, there could be a huge chance that your lawyers won’t be able to get all the relevant details that are considered to be helpful in your case.

If you have a personal injury lawyer, they will provide you sound advice on whether you should file a case or if just a report would suffice.

A more efficient way of collecting the evidence needed for the case

If you decide to file a lawsuit case, then you would want your lawyer to collect all the pieces of evidence that you may need. When you hire a personal injury lawyer with you right after the accident takes place, then your lawyer could immediately start collecting the evidence and begin to build your case. 

There are problems with your insurance company

It is given that after a car accident, you should call your insurance company right away to check whether the accident will be covered. It will be most likely that the damages will be covered by your insurance. However, there could be some times when the damages would not be covered one hundred percent. If that is the case you are presented with, then you might have a problem.

If you have a personal injury lawyer with you, your lawyer will be the one to negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf. Their goal would be to give you the best possible compensation that you could get from your insurance.. As their client, you have all the means to bargain since you are legally bound with the insurance company through a contract.

There will be someone to warn you not to give any statements

The police and other members of law enforcement will always be the ones present in the scene of the crash. They will try to get statements from the people involved. Remember that anything you say might be used against you as evidence. 

So if you are unsure whether or not you should answer any of their questions, you should immediately call in your personal injury lawyer for help. They can be the ones to speak for you and give the proper and non-incriminating statements on your behalf. Without them on the scene, you might say things that could possibly be used against you as evidence.

Whatever Happens, Always Call For The Services Of A Personal Injury Lawyer Right Away

There are a lot of advantages you can get from hiring a North Carolina personal injury lawyer, not only will they be able to help you out right after the accident, but they can also ensure that you are getting the fairest investigation. When it comes to car accidents, you should always act accordingly and promptly.