Personal Injury Protection (PIP)


Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Some states’ insurance laws follow a no-fault scheme to provide benefits. In these states, PIP coverage behaves exactly like medical payments coverage. PIP is not underwritten on North Carolina policies. However, if you recently relocated from a no-fault state, your policy may have PIP. Also, if you were riding with an out-of-state guest who has PIP, this coverage would provide another payment source for your medical expenses. Some states’ PIP policies also provide benefits for lost income.

Some PIP policies do have subrogation rights. Unlike medpay coverage, the PIP policy may be reimbursed when you collect for your medical expenses through your claims against the at-fault driver’s liability insurance.

Rental Reimbursement Coverage

This is an optional addendum available on North Carolina policies. If another driver causes your accident, you should impose the cost of a rental vehicle on the at-fault driver’s liability policy. If fault is not yet determined, or if the collision was your fault, your rental reimbursement coverage will pay either $15.00 per day or $30.00 per day depending on the coverage you selected. If you do receive a rental under this portion of your policy, your collision coverage should apply to the rental vehicle so you would not be required to pay the additional cost of a collision damage waiver to the rental car company.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

This is a rather rare addendum to North Carolina auto policies. If you have this coverage, you can collect stated amounts of cash benefits for certain types of specified injuries and in cases of fatal injury.

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