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While driver error and negligence are responsible for many truck accidents, they are not the only cause. Improper freight handling, loading, or weight distribution of cargo can make an otherwise safe rig extremely difficult to handle and exceptionally dangerous to others on the road. If you or a family member has been injured in a truck accident, exploring all of the potential causes, including cargo and freight violations, is essential to proving that a trucking company can be held liable for your damages. Having handled numerous truck accident cases throughout the years, Nagle & Associates, P.A. has the experience, knowledge, and concentrated skills to handle every aspect of your personal injury claim.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) enforces hundreds of laws that regulate the trucking industry. Among these, loading regulations focus on ensuring that truck drivers and trucking companies properly secure cargo, or keep loads under a certain weight limit, in order to reduce the risk of serious accidents. Just as with any potential cause, careful accident investigation is vital to identifying all of the potential causes. As there are complex contractual and corporate relationships in the trucking industry, these investigations are also essential to identifying all potentially liable defendants, which will allow injured victims to recover damages from all available and applicable sources.

Shipping companies, for example, may use an independent contractor for a driver and a freight broker to book the trip, and the badly loaded trailer might be owned by an international shipping company. It might have been loaded, unloaded, and loaded again in ports and cargo terminals all over the country. The firm’s skill with investigating truck accidents of all kinds can help ensure that everyone with a role in the accident will be identified and held accountable. With so many complexities, and because trucking companies will defend themselves zealously against claims, these cases demand the attention of seasoned North Carolina truck accident lawyers.

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As taking proactive steps to protect your rights is of the utmost importance, the firm strongly encourages you to reach out to Attorney Nagle and his legal team as soon as possible after an accident. Not only can retaining legal representation early on ensure that your rights and interests are protected from the beginning, but it can also ensure that valuable trucking logs and records are not discarded. Highly familiar with court procedures and the claim process, Attorney Nagle can force trucking companies to preserve and produce these records as evidence, but only when victims take preemptive measures to find the help they need. Schedule a free case evaluation to learn more about your rights and the importance of taking swift action. Contact a North Carolina auto accident lawyer from Nagle & Associates as soon as possible.

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