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North Carolina Truck Accidents

When commercial trucks collide with passenger vehicles, the results are often catastrophic. Tractor trailers often weigh tens of thousands of pounds, and all that weight can literally crush a car, light-duty truck or van in the blink of an eye.

If you or someone you love have been involved in a crash with a semi/tractor-trailer and the truck driver was at fault, you are legally entitled to compensation for your costs, injuries and losses. The team of personal injury trial lawyers at Nagle & Associates have extensive experience representing victims of semi-truck accidents in North Carolina. We offer a reduced legal fee of 25%, and Carl Nagle has past experience working as an insurance adjuster on commercial vehicle accident claims, and defending truck drivers during his years working as an insurance defense lawyer in Atlanta, Ga. He now only works for NC crash victims to ensure that they receive maximum payment for their truck accident claims.

Truck Accident Video Testimonial

Jerry and Cheryl East, Truck Driver

Another truck dropped crates in the road, Jerry ran into those crates which threw one crate off the road and the other one into a car. Jerry ran off the road, through a ditch, a fence and into a tree. Jerry ended up in the hospital for 6 weeks and needed 6 surgeries, 75 doctor visits and 125 physical therapy sessions. Jerry and Cheryl were completely overwhelmed.

Involved In A North Carolina Tractor-Trailer Crash?

The government recognizes that the sheer size and weight of a tractor trailer means that any accidents involving an 18-wheeler is likely to cause a great deal more destruction than a crash between passenger vehicles — that’s why commercial truck drivers and trucking companies are subject to multiple rules and regulations designed to protect all road users.

Truckers in North Carolina are subject to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations as well as state-specific laws that regulate the maximum speed tractor trailers can drive and drug and alcohol use while behind the wheel.

If you’ve been involved in a crash with one or more transport trucks, there’s a very good chance that you’ve suffered from significant property losses, multiple injuries and damages impacting your ability to work, care for your family and enjoy your regular day-to-day activities. While compensation won’t erase the life-altering impacts you’re experiencing, a fair settlement can give you the financial relief you need to take care of yourself, support your loved ones and move on with your life.

Nagle & Associates: Dedicated Truck Accident Attorneys

Most law offices throughout North Carolina offer a wide range of legal service, but Nagle & Associates focuses exclusively on motor vehicle related cases. Our knowledge and experience in this area of the law is unsurpassed and is a decided advantage to our clients. Founding attorney Carl Nagle is a former insurance claims adjuster and former insurance defense lawyer. Our attorneys have insurance industry experience that we utilize to build value in every case. We also currently have 3 fully licensed North Carolina insurance claims adjusters on staff who help to ensure that insurance companies are not able to use common tactics to oppose or devalue our clients’ car accident claims. Nagle & Associates, P.A. has a keen awareness of the insurance claims process and how insurers strive to minimize the damages they owe to victims of auto collisions. It’s not fair, just, or ethical to trivialize the pain suffered by people who were injured in truck accidents.

Discuss Your Case With a Nagle & Associates North Carolina Truck Accident Attorney Today

We understand what a fair victim compen­sation package looks like, and we‘ll use our expertise to help you get the money you need—the right recompense you need to recover from your experience. When you contact us for an evaluation of your case, we’ll answer your questions and discuss the types compensations you may be entitled to.