North Carolina Employer Negligence & Truck Accidents Attorney


North Carolina Employer Negligence & Truck Accidents Attorney

Holding Trucking Companies Liable

Trucking companies are ultimately responsible for the safety of others on public roadways. From properly training drivers to properly maintaining vehicles to complying with hundreds of federal trucking laws and regulations, trucking companies are required at all times to ensure that they limit the risks of truck accidents. When they fail to uphold their duty to take reasonable measures that keep others free from preventable harm, they can be held at fault and fully liable for any damages they cause victims. By working with proven North Carolina truck accident lawyers during your personal injury claim process, you can equip yourself with the support, resources, and representation needed to secure all relevant evidence that highlights a trucking company's negligence.

Just as management of a store is responsible for the conduct of employees and the condition of their premises, trucking companies are responsible for their drivers and vehicles. When accidents do occur, victims can file personal injury claims against these trucking companies and their insurance providers. Unlike cases that involve an individual consumer driver, truck accident cases are handled and addressed by large and powerful trucking and commercial insurance companies that do everything they can to preserve their image and assets. As a former commercial insurance defense lawyer, Attorney Carl Nagle knows how these companies attempt to minimize victim claims and precisely how to negate their defense. By working with an attorney who has this level of insight, you can greatly reduce your risk of being unfairly compensated by trucking and insurance companies that are more concerned with protecting their bottom line than the well-being of injured victims.

Passionate North Carolina Auto Accident Attorneys Prepared to Handle Your Claim

Since making the switch to representing injured victims more than 20 years ago, Attorney Carl Nagle has shown that he is passionate about being a bold and unwavering advocate for victims' rights. His experience, work ethic, and commitment to clients have enabled him and his legal team to recover millions of dollars in compensation on behalf of injured victims. A firm believer that trucking companies must be held liable for their negligence and the harm they cause, Attorney Nagle offers his tireless support to truck accident victims and their families throughout the state of North Carolina. Requesta free case evaluation to learn exactly how the firm can help or contact a North Carolina auto accident lawyer from Nagle & Associates today.

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