North Carolina Dangerous Roads & Highways Attorney

Just as manufacturers can be held liable for defective auto parts, entities responsible for roadway maintenance and safety can be held accountable for any damages caused by defective roadways or preventable road and highway hazards. As local and state governments throughout the nation have become strapped by tough economic times, they often neglect dangerous roads and highways in need of repair.

Such neglect, however, poses serious risks to public safety. Additionally, failures to take reasonable measures to repair potential hazards can also lead to a variety of auto accidents. Whatever your case may entail, you can be confident that the North Carolina auto accident attorneys at Nagle & Associates, P.A. have the experience to effectively represent injured victims who have suffered damages as the result of dangerous roadways conditions. Dangerous roadway claims may involve any of the following circumstances:

  • Unmaintained or poorly designed railroad crossings.
  • Defective design of bridges, overpasses, or other major structural highway elements.
  • Poor signs and traffic control engineering.
  • Improper design or maintenance of private parking and driveway facilities on residential or commercial property.
  • Inadequate management and traffic control in highway construction zones.
  • Poor landscaping maintenance that undermines visibility at intersections.
  • Unrestrained farm animals on rural roads and highways.
  • Improper management of truck delivery and loading zones.

As freight bearing vehicles and other commercial trucks can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds and because they have an inability to stop or maneuver quickly, these and other hazards can spell disaster on public roads and highways. As Attorney Nagle makes it a point to explore all potential causes of your accident, he always investigates whether any dangerous road and highway conditions may have contributed to your accident. Although roadway defects do not always play a role in motor vehicle accidents, or may not be the only cause, investigating all possible causes is essential to ensuring that injured victims maximize their compensation by exploring recoveries from all available sources and liable parties.

If an unnecessarily dangerous roadway contributed to your accident, Attorney Carl Nagle and his legal team can look to the state, municipal, or private entity responsible for the maintenance of the road or highway. Whether the responsible party in your case is the North Carolina Department of Transportation, a county or municipal engineering department, a private property owner, or a road construction maintenance contractor, the firm’s legal team is prepared to secure the necessary facts and evidence needed to hold them liable for your damages. As the firm has access to extensive resources and professional connections to accomplish these objectives, your case will always be worked to its full potential.

Discuss Your Case with a North Carolina Auto Accident Lawyer

As a firm that has successfully recovered millions of dollars in compensation on behalf of injured auto accident victims, Nagle & Associates has proven that residents throughout the state can trust in the firm’s experience, resources, and dedication when pursuing a personal injury claim. Proactive, creative, and attentive to the unique needs of clients, Attorney Nagle and his legal team deliver the support and representation you can rely on. If you have reason to believe that a roadway defect played a role in your accident, or if you wish to find further information about exploring the potential causes of your accident and injuries and how the firm can help, then please request a free consultation or contact Nagle & Associates today.

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