North Carolina Causes of Burn Injuries Attorney

Burns are among the most severe types of injuries that a victim can suffer. Fortunately, the pain and scarring associated with burns result in large settlements and trial verdicts for victims of these severe collision injuries. Raleigh burn injury lawyer Carl Nagle is ready to aggressively assert the rights of victims. Mr. Nagle worked as an insurance claim adjuster and as an insurance defense lawyer before founding Nagle & Associates. He now only represents North Carolina accident victims and he brings valuable insight to his representation of individuals and families who are pursuing compensation from insurance companies. Mr. Nagle works diligently to maximize damages through skilled negotiation and litigation tactics. He works directly with physicians and medical experts to prove the full extent of injuries in every case, and his statewide personal injury law firm has represented victims throughout North Carolina, including Asheville, Winston-Salem, and Wilmington.

Assert Your Right to Compensation for a Burn Injury

If the negligence of another individual or business resulted in a victim’s burn injuries, that party should be held liable and financially responsible. While most of our cases settle, we stand ready to bring your claims through a jury trial if necessary to secure generous and appropriate payment for your burn injury claims.

Burns are labeled by degree, with higher numbers corresponding to more severe burns. Third and fourth degree burns often require the amputation of the affected body part. Many times, burns require a long convalescence period. Melted skin and damage to nerves can result in permanent trauma, and the emotional effects can be life-long.

In some cases, burns are preventable, meaning that they result from accidents or demonstrated carelessness. For example, they may result from vehicle explosions caused by a collision or a defect in one or more of the cars involved. Fuel leakage and electrolyte spillage in electric-powered vehicles often cause burns to victims. To show that an individual or entity was negligent and responsible for these injuries, a victim must prove that the defendant owed them a duty of care, breached this duty, and caused their resulting injuries. Damages also must have arisen that are reasonably quantifiable. The causation element requires showing that all claimed injuries are a direct result of the negligence of other drivers or of other parties who contributed to causing the victim’s burns and other injuries.

Success in a burn injury case typically results in a large settlement or trial verdict and judgment for the victim. The cases result in large awards because of the known extent of pain associated with burn injuries, the severity of nerve damage associated with severe burns, and the scarring, disfigurement and loss of function typically imposed even after a burn has healed. Burn injuries can be extremely expensive to treat, and there may be significant costs associated with repeated admissions for reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation as well. Any settlement in a burn injury case should include compensation to the victim for past medical costs and suffering, and for all FUTURE medical needs, lost earnings and pain and suffering that the victim will endure over the remainder of their life.

Contact an Experienced Burn Injury Lawyer in the Raleigh Area

At Nagle & Associates, we bring an extensive network of professionals to our client representation. We practice solely in the area of serious motor vehicle accidents, and we consistently work with knowledgeable doctors, hospital staff, occupational and vocational rehabilitation experts, plastic surgeons and other professionals who assist victims of significant traumatic injuries. Raleigh burn injury attorney Carl Nagle has guided many victims through the process of seeking compensation for the harm done to their past and future health, a particularlyimportant consideration in the case of burn victims. Since we want our clients to maximize their compensation, we also charge a reduced legal fee of 25% of our clients’ settlement, compared to the larger 33% share charged by most law firms. We can assist injured individuals and their families in Asheville, Winston-Salem, Wilmington, Greensboro, Hickory, and other cities in New Hanover, Forsyth, Wake, Mecklenburg, Cumberland, and Catawba Counties. Call Nagle & Associates at (800) 411-1583 or complete our online form to set up a free consultation with a knowledgeable car accident lawyer.

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