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Raleigh Injury and Accident Lawyer

We locate and retain experts -Accident reconstructionists are often essential to understanding how and why a trucking accident took place. Whenever necessary, we retain and employ highly credentialed accident reconstructionists who utilize complicated tools, engineering and physics expertise, and complex mathematics to document the true dynamics and cause of a collision. Further, we retain medical experts to educate the responsible insurance adjuster and/or a jury regarding the true nature and extent of your injuries, economic experts to help us prove the true financial impact of the accident including lost earnings/lost profits/lost employment benefits/lost future earning capacity, life care planning experts to establish the true cost of future medical care and life-modification in catastrophic/permanent injury cases, design engineers to establish improper design or manufacture of the commercial vehicle, and trucking experts who can help us to educate the jury regarding the proper operation of a tractor-trailer.

Tractor trailer accidents produce catastrophic results. It is a critical mistake to treat a commercial vehicle accident like a typical car accident. Typically, private passenger car accidents are far easier to understand, and are less vigorously defended. If your accident was caused by a commercial vehicle, hire an attorney immediately. Proper, thorough investigation and case management are essential tasks of the experienced transportation lawyer. Further, by detailing all evidence and losses, your attorney ensures that the full value of your case is paid promptly by all responsible parties.

If you or someone you know is in need of an experienced Raleigh Injury and Accident lawyer contact the Law Offices of Nagle & Associates to speak with a skilled accident and injury lawyer. We aggressively defend victims who have suffered an injury in an accident in Raleigh, North Carolina and surround communities. Call today for a free initial consultation and find out how an injury and accident lawyer can help you. Our consultations are always FREE and of course no obligation.

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