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Personal Injury Attorney Reviews

5.0 Rating From 22 Reviews.
on 22, Jun 2018
So much gratitude we owe Carl Nagle and his team for all their hard work and dedication to recover the most out of a very bad situation. He was always there to answer our questions and stood by our side through the entire process. My husband and I would recommend Nagle & Associates very highly. Thanks again for everything
Gene Horton
on 22, Mar 2018
I would recommend Carl Nagel to anyone needing a lawyer for personal injury. Carl and his firm went above and beyond to keep me informed about what was going on with my case . Carl and his firm worked with the insurance companies and the medical providers on my behalf to get me the best possible out come. Again I would like to thank Carl and his firm for a job well done. Hope I never need a lawyer for personal injury again but if I do I will call CARL.
Blake Frazier
on 12, Jul 2017
Tom Williams was extremely kind and helpful to me in my time for need. Thank you so much!
Hannah Horton
on 08, May 2015
My wife and I were traveling out of state and had a very serious accident near Raleigh. We first tried to handle our case without a lawyer, but the medical costs were very high and I later decided to contact an attorney. Our attorney here in Tennessee helped us locate Nagle & Associates and when I called, I spoke directly with Carl. Our first phone call was nearly an hour long and he explained everything that he could do to help us before we ever retained him. His firm handled our case and Carl and his paralegal, Gwen, took care of every aspect of our case. Both of our injury cases were settled, we were very happy with the amount of money we collected, and we never had to return to North Carolina through the process. Everything was handled by phone calls, emails and mail. Mr. Nagle also helped us work with our health insurance company and he even negotiated a reduction in the hospital bills that were not covered by our health insurance. We strongly recommend Carl Nagle if you need help with a personal injury case. He worked for insurance companies in the past, and it seems that this experience made it easier for him to reach the settlement goals that we agreed to. Thanks Carl if you see this!!
on 03, Apr 2015
Great Law Office -- Highly Recommend -- They look out for your best interest -- Call Carl Nagle & Associates
Wilson Blanchard
on 31, Jul 2018
Thanks for all your help, I am grateful for my great settlement.
Thomas Howell
on 19, Apr 2018
I was really happy with the service from the beginning of our case, and the case was settled out of court and Gwen and Carl helped us with everything. I hope I never need them again, but my daughter and I were both in the accident and we would both recommend Mr. Nagle highly.
Ricki Mcintire
on 12, May 2018
This law firm specializes in auto accidents, and that is why I chose them. They were excellent! They handled everything for me and all I had to do was sign the settlement papers and pick up my check. Laura was very kind and helpful throughout the process.
on 29, Mar 2018
Nagle & Associates is a great firm to call if you have been in an accident. My experience was great, Carl Nagle is a great attorney because he was very informative and detailed about the work he was doing for me so I could understand. He showed patience when meeting with me and he cares dearly about his clients. I highly recommend Carl Nagle as an attorney.
Darrell Santana
on 09, Jul 2018
Thank you Carl for taking the time and helping me out with my car accident questions I had. You are very kind. I will refer all my friends and family to you should anyone need your services.
Lana Stein
on 24, Apr 2018
I got into a terrible car accident last year and this law firm really helped me through the toughest parts of the recovery process. Which includes making sure my chiropractor and acupuncturist had the right paperwork to keep providing treatment, maintaining consistent regimens to use in court, and strategy meetings to go over new information and to re-evaluate old information. They are reliable and professional. My case is at the final stages and with the information I currently have, we've already won. Just waiting for the settlement to go through! They have been amazing throughout the entire process, which is a blessing. I know how these types of cases can end very badly or very positively. Happy to be on the positive end for a change!
Adriane C.
on 24, Jul 2018
I was in a serious motorcycle accident in 2015 that was not my fault, I contacted Carl Nagle's agency for legal assistance. I had hospital and medical bills and was unable to work for 6 months with no disability benefits. In my first meeting with Carl he spent as long as was needed to listen to my story and give me all the legal information I needed to decide what to do next. I decided to proceed with a lawsuit, Carl and his great team of attorneys and legal staff worked extremely hard to gather all the documentation and evidence we needed to prove our case. All along the way I was constantly informed of what they were doing and why. In the end we settled out of court for what Carl & I believe was twice the amount I would have received in a trail. If I ever need an attorney again this is the only agency I will hire to protect me!
Frank Clain
on 11, Jul 2018
I had a great experience with Carl Nagle back when I worked with him. Carl got me more than I thought was possible and his reduced fee is a big bonus. He is a skilled car accident lawyer who I recommend to any person in need.
Catherine Carlson
on 23, Jun 2018
I went through my first major accident, and I was genuinely unsure on how to move forward with life at that given point. I was recommended to Carl Nagle by a mutual friend. Carl was straight forward in conveying what to expect through the entire process. Carl and his staff truly made my case a priority. I would not hesitate to recommend the Nagle & Associates to anyone.
Jason Floyd
on 06, Jul 2018
My car accident was definitely a bad one. I was hit by a drunk driver and was severely injured and my car totaled. I wasn't sure what to do, luckily a friend of mine referred me to Carl Nagle. These guys know their stuff, the staff was helpful and professional with how they handle communication between lawyers and client. I would highly recommend anyone who needs a good accident lawyer to call Carl.
Juliet Giles
on 13, Jul 2018
I called this law firm a couple of months back and I was extremely impressed. Carl is a great car accident lawyer and he was extremely concerned about my dire situation. He helped me out greatly and I am glad to know that there is a car accident lawyer that really does care about his clients.
Chelsea Daniel
on 12, Jul 2017
I rarely write reviews, but I decided to do so because I just received another check that Mr. Nagle sent after an apparent overpayment to one of the doctors who did my surgery. I received the first contact from Mr. Nagle through the mail after my accident (along with a ton of others) and when I called, I was surprised to talk to Carl directly. I hired the firm and they truly held my hand through the entire process. I was honestly surprised with the size of my settlement, and I also greatly appreciate the level of service - everyone there was really very friendly.
Diedra Padgett
on 17, May 2017
After my accident, I called Nagle and Associates. I got immediate action and my case was handled with great professionalism. My attorney worked hard for me and helped me through the whole process. I am very happy with my experience!
Scott Conroy
on 17, Apr 2018
I was involved in a serious accident as a passenger in a vehicle. I ran up a large amount of Doctor bills. I am self-employed and lost out on a lot of work as well. After a year and still no settlement, I was very frustrated. I finally called Nagle & Associates. They helped me understand the delays and they were able to settle out of court quickly. If you find yourself in my situation I highly recommend Nagle & Associates.
Lenora Dubois
on 25, May 2018
My son got into a terrible motorcycle accident last year. The whole family has been grieving for that year, but the light at the end of the tunnel has been Nagle & Associates. They have been very understanding and accommodating towards my son's case. Things are finally reaching their final phases and I thought I'd thank these guys for doing such a great job with everything. You are our salvation!
on 27, Jun 2018
Carl is a true pleasure to work with & really down to earth. He helped me out and I also referred my best friend to him who got solid representation from him that resulted in his case going in the right direction and finally getting settled. Nice to know guys like Carl are still out there.
Cody Pennington
on 03, Jun 2017
This team of legal associates, Nagle & Assoc. Were very considerate, professional, and diligent. I would highly recommend this legal team. They feel like family. Carl, Tommy, Gwen, Jennifer all were awesome. They would reassure us when we became inpatient and doubtful. I am certainly gonna miss all of Carl's team. Thank you all for everything.
Robert Craven

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