How Soon Should I Hire an Accident Attorney?


Car Crash Lawyer Representing Victims in Raleigh and Surrounding Areas

Many accident victims and their families choose to pursue compensation for injuries resulting from a motor vehicle collision. At Nagle & Associates, we can help you secure valuable evidence and build your case for receiving a full and fair damages award. Raleigh car accident attorney Carl Nagle founded the firm, bringing years of experience working as a former insurance claims adjuster and insurance defense attorney. This special insight into insurance defense tactics strengthens our firm’s delivery of high-quality legal representation. Nagle & Associates has successfully recovered over $290,000,0000 on behalf of victims throughout North Carolina, including in Raleigh, Wilmington, Winston-Salem, Asheville, and beyond.

Even if you prefer not to hire an attorney to handle your accident and injury claims, you should secure a free consultation with one or more NC personal injury lawyers to learn about all of your legal rights and options. If you do choose to hire an attorney, it is best to retain an attorney immediately after the accident. Once you hire an attorney, insurance adjusters are legally barred from contacting you directly – they must speak only with your attorney and can contact you only with your attorney present. Hiring an attorney promptly also ensures that your collision is investigated, that evidence is protected to prove that you were innocent and other drivers caused your accident, and to begin the process of assembling proper medical evidence to maximize your injury claim payments.

Build Your Legal Strategy after an Accident

Since insurance companies will begin to work immediately to defend your claim against them, we recommend contacting an attorney immediately to discuss your claim. Our office only handles serious motor vehicle accident cases, and as a result we maintain professional working relationships with medical and vocational experts whose expertise strengthens your claim for compensation.

In a personal injury lawsuit following a motor vehicle collision, the victim brings a legal claim against the responsible party to seek compensation for damages related to the accident. The victim is the plaintiff, and in many lawsuits the recovery is sought under anegligence theory of law. It is critical to prove legal liability in order to successfully recover compensation. In many situations, the victim relies on evidence that demonstrates that the defendant (the responsible party) failed to behave as a reasonable person would have behaved under similar circumstances.

North Carolina is among just a few states that still maintain a rule of law called “contributory negligence.” The defendant may assert this defense when the plaintiff has partly caused his or her own injuries through the underlying accident. Contributory negligence in North Carolina will bar a plaintiff from any recovery under the law. This is true even if the plaintiff was only minimally responsible for causing the crash. To avoid the strict application of this rule, victims should not hesitate to seek representation from a knowledgeable attorney who can help show that they did not act carelessly in any way.

Damages Available to Accident Victims

Accident victims can potentially recover payments for many types of damages, including those for past medical expenses as well as future medical costs. It is important to prove the permanence or lasting nature of the injuries in order to collect for all anticipated medical needs. For example, you can recover payment for lost wages from work due to your injuries. If your injuries have resulted in permanent incapacity, and you cannot work until retirement age, you may also collect for what is essentially forced early retirement.

Additionally, victims may be able to recover for emotional hardship resulting from the accident. This includes emotional instability resulting from stress, sleep loss, and anxiety due to the injuries. North Carolina law also provides victims with compensation for the pain and suffering associated with their injuries. In certain lawsuits involving intentional or willful and wanton misconduct, punitive damages may be recovered. These are damages meant to punish the responsible party for severely wrongful and dangerous conduct.

Enlist an Experienced Raleigh Attorney for Your Car Accident Case

Even if you have already begun the claims process, by retaining an attorney you will increase your understanding of your legal rights and options. At Nagle & Associates, Raleigh car accident lawyer Carl Nagle seeks to maximize compensation on behalf of victims and their loved ones. We have assisted people throughout the state, including in Raleigh, Winston-Salem, Wilmington, Asheville, Hickory, Greensboro, and other cities throughout Forsyth, Mecklenburg, Guilford, Brunswick, New Hanover, Durham, Cumberland, and Catawba Counties. Contact us by calling (800) 411-1583 or using our online form to set up a free consultation with a motor vehicle collision attorney.

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