Greensboro, NC Personal Injury Attorney


Greensboro, NC Personal Injury Attorney

Greensboro North CarolinaThe Greensboro, NC Office of Carl Nagle & Associates is the choice for individuals requiring the services of specialized Auto Accident, personal injury attorneys. In North Carolina it is important that the attorney you hire has a broad understanding of of our state’s personal injury laws as they apply to auto accidents. Mr. Nagle’s background includes stints as an adjuster and defense attorney for insurance companies, a distinct advantage for his clients. Contact us today.

Contributory Negligence

While most other states subscribe to an insurance coverage based on the theory of no fault, North Carolina holds to the legal premise of Contributory Negligence. What that means is that – first, the plaintiff (the injured party) must prove the other driver (defendant) was the cause of the accident . Secondly, before any damages can be paid, the plaintiff also must prove that it was not his negligence that caused this injuries.

Last Clear Chance

But there is even more to the law – the matter of “last clear chance” comes into play. This leads to the question of whether the defendant had a last clear chance to prevent the accident from happening – but failed to do so. If the defendant did not, the plaintiff then would be entitled to full recovery of his damages, including all medical expenses, property loss, mental strain and duress

These are the types of complicated legal issues Carl Nagle and his law firm are accustomed to working with during their many years of experience.

If you are the victim of a personal injury auto accident in Greensboro, North Carolina, call Carl Nagle Law Firm to set up your first free consultation. WE promise you will receive the personal attention you deserve. In addition, you will pay no fee if we can’t help you recover what’s due. Call (800) 411-1583 today.

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