Forsyth County, NC Texting While Driving Accident Attorney


Forsyth County, NC Texting While Driving Accident Attorney

Injured from Someone Texting and Driving in Winston Salem?

Texting While DrivingAs of 2015, texting and driving is illegal in more than 40 states, and North Carolina is one of them. Texting and driving can be as dangerous as drunk driving, as it takes your attention off the road. Even though people may believe they have the capability, we can’t safely multi-task on the road. Rear-end collisions are common because texting drivers — or drivers working with their cell phones — are looking at their phones instead of the road.

Were you injured by a texting driver in North Carolina? The texting and driving injury lawyers at Nagle & Associates P.A. in Winston Salem are standing by to help you. We work with you to prove distracted driving caused your accident, and we then fight to collect maximum payment on all injury and accident claims. We will help you to hold the distracted driver responsible for their negligence. Contact us today about your collision case.

Texting and Driving Laws in North Carolina

Texting and driving laws are constantly changing. As of 2015, it is illegal in North Carolina to engage in distracted driving. This includes reading and sending text messages on your cell phone. This illegal act is also a primary offense — meaning that law enforcement can pull you over directly for texting and there doesn’t need to be another traffic violation before police can stop you. North Carolina traffic laws also prohibit drivers under the age of 18 from using a cell phone at all behind the wheel. Minor-aged drivers may only use a phone to dial 911.

When your personal injury lawyers work on your case, they investigate every aspect of the case. We look at the defendant’s phone records to find out exactly when they were using their cell phone. We can find out when they were texting, receiving messages, and even if they were posting to Facebook or other social media accounts. We compare that information to the time of the accident and your injuries. This documentation contributes to a strong case in your favor.

Our texting and driving injury attorneys know how to work with the insurance companies to ensure you don’t settle for a low amount that may fail to cover all of your medical expenses.

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The attorneys at Nagle & Associates, P.A. are sympathetic to your situation and ready to fight for the maximum compensation allowed. Let us work for you while you take the time to recover from your injuries. Speak to one of our personal injury associates today at (800) 411-1583.

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