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Raleigh Settlement Discussion Focus settlement discussions on evidence that supports the plaintiff/victim - An aggressive lawyer experienced in handling trucking accident cases forces the insurance adjusters and the corporate entities who pay the bills to recognize the victim's claim on its strengths and merits. We are your advocate, and we ensure that the victim's full story is heard. To motivate the most generous settlement, we prepare a detailed Demand Brochure & Damages Report to outline all evidence and to demonstrate our readiness and willingness to win a strong money verdict at trial. Further, we negotiate with a true understanding of what we expect following a successful trial, and we force the insurance carriers to pay nothing less.

Tractor trailer accidents produce catastrophic results. It is a critical mistake to treat a commercial vehicle accident like a typical car accident. Typically, private passenger car accidents are far easier to understand, and are less vigorously defended. If your accident was caused by a commercial vehicle, hire an attorney immediately. Proper, thorough investigation and case management are essential tasks of the experienced transportation lawyer. Further, by detailing all evidence and losses, your attorney ensures that the full value of your case is paid promptly by all responsible parties.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a motor vehicle accident contact The Law Offices of Nagle & Associates to speak with an experienced Raleigh accident and injury attorney today.

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