Focused on Traffic Accidents


Concentrated Auto Accident Legal Practice

The North Carolina auto accident lawyers at Nagle & Associates, P.A. only handle motor vehicle accident cases. By focusing exclusively on traffic accidents, the firm’s legal team is able to provide the most precise, most experienced, and highest quality representation possible. Unencumbered by other legal areas that draw focus away from auto accidents, Nagle & Associates has proven that its concentrated approach is crucial to protecting victims’ rights, handling their claims in a timely and competent manner, and maximizing their compensation. If the firm’s record of success and millions of dollars in compensation recovered on behalf of local victims and families say anything about the practice, then it is that auto accident victims throughout the state of North Carolina can turn to the firm’s proven legal minds in times of need.

No Distractions

Just as people with unique medical concerns seek treatment from medical professionals who specialize in a certain areas, individuals with unique legal problems should turn to attorneys who have focused experience in a particular practice area. You wouldn’t seek treatment for a specific brain condition by visiting a general practitioner or dermatologist, and you shouldn’t have to settle for working with a firm that practices in numerous legal fields or that doesn’t spend much time handling personal injury or auto accident cases. When you have specific problems, you need a firm equipped with the concentrated experienced to create effective legal solutions on your behalf.

By limiting cases strictly to traffic accidents, the firm’s legal team is not distracted by outside practice areas that siphon resources, time, or energy away from cases. Additionally, the legal team is not inundated with the demands of having to remain up to date with specialized, intricate legal areas such as Social Security, probate and estate planning, family law, or criminal law. Having no distractions enables the firm to utilize every available resource when meeting the unique and sometimes urgent needs of auto accident victims. It has also afforded Attorney Nagle and his team the time needed to become highly skilled and proficient in litigation. As a trial law practice, the firm is prepared to secure the compensation you need in any situation that may arise.

Able to Handle All Auto Accident Cases

Few may realize that auto accidents entail a number of additional concerns and complexities. From truck accidents and motorcycle accidents to pedestrian and public transportation accidents, the firm’s lawyers have immersed themselves in every type of accident, injury, and situation inherent to these cases. With decades of focused experience and the insight afforded by Attorney Nagle’s background as a former claims adjuster and insurance defense lawyer, the firm is able to help clients navigate the complexities of insurance coverage, medical expenses, and all related matters. In fact, Nagle & Associates helps clients file medical payment claims for no legal fee and coordinates their personal health insurance filings to ensure that they receive the highest possible tax-free share of their recovery.

Experienced in Achieving Successful Results

At the end of the day, Attorney Nagle knows that maintaining a focused legal practice means everything to injured victims and provides them with the best possible chances of securing successful resolutions. As an injured auto accident victim, you need a full and fair recovery of your damages, and you obtain full compensation by working with experienced attorneys who have been handling auto accidents – and only auto accidents – for decades.

Speak with a North Carolina Auto Accident Attorney Today

Nagle & Associates’ lawyers have proven that their focus on traffic accidents is the foundation on which they have developed the skills needed to handle all types of auto accidents and all complexities that may arise in such cases with the highest degree of precision. A prominent reason why the firm has been able to continually meet the needs of injured victims and families for years, concentrated advocacy is what local injured victims and their loved ones need and deserve. To learn more about Nagle & Associates’ services, or to discuss your particular case with a North Carolina auto accident lawyer from the firm, please contact Nagle & Associates today.

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