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North Carolina – Raleigh Attorney Referral Resource

The accident and injury trial lawyers at Nagle & Associates stand ready to accept referrals from other attorneys who conclude that experienced trial counsel might better serve the needs of clients with complex personal injury or wrongful death claims arising from highway or traffic accidents in Raleigh, North Carolina, and surrounding communities.

As a former adjuster and former insurance company lawyer, Mr. Nagle has helped several accident and injury attorneys who seek to perfect their clients’ claims and overcome insurance carrier opposition. If you have a client who has a case that is outside the scope of your legal experience or expertise, we can help.

With seven offices across North Carolina, we serve a select group of clients statewide in our highly focused motor vehicle accident practice with a special emphasis on truck accident claims. When working with a referring attorney, our terms are flexible and worked out on a case-by-case basis. Referring counsel find us easy to work with, and our objective is to join you to ensure perfect service and optimum results for your client.

Our North Carolina accident lawyers are also flexible in arranging the practical terms of the referral. We can accept referred cases on a co-counsel basis, as local counsel for cases involving out-of-state clients with litigation pending in North Carolina, or as successor counsel of record.

An important strength of our practice is our ability to advance the expenses of investigation, expert testimony, accident reconstruction, or damages analysis at our own risk. We have accepted referrals from or with counsel who, frankly, lacked the resources to develop the client’s claims in sufficient detail, or the rigor and specific knowledge needed to achieve desirable results in settlement negotiations or at trial.

Our depth of experience with the proof of liability and damages in complex accident and injury cases can benefit both your client and your firm. To learn more about our ability to handle referrals effectively and ethically, contact Nagle & Associates in Winston-Salem for an initial consultation with an experienced Raleigh and Winston-Salem accident and injury attorney.