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Proven North Carolina Car Accident Attorneys. Serving All of North Carolina.

Nagle & Associates, P.A. is a premier law firm that focuses exclusively on representing victims and families who have suffered damages in auto accidents. A practice comprised of top-tier North Carolina auto accident attorneys, the firm provides emphatic support, experienced representation, and proven advocacy to injured auto accident victims throughout the state. As a result of the firm’s passion for protecting the rights of victims and families, Nagle & Associates has managed to successfully recover millions of dollars in compensation in both settlement negotiations and trial verdicts. A practice on the forefront of victim advocacy and one that continually demonstrates an ability to meet the needs of injured victims and their loved ones, Nagle & Associates is a firm you can trust to fight for the compensation you need and deserve.

Helmed by the firm’s founding lawyer, Attorney Carl Nagle, Nagle & Associates’ legal team upholds the highest standards of personal attention, ethical service, and exceptional professional ability. A former insurance claims adjuster and former insurance defense lawyer with more than 20 years of experience handling only motor vehicle accident cases, Attorney Nagle is able to offer clients an unsurpassed level of legal precision and insight through his representation. Familiar with the ways in which insurance companies and commercial liability carriers handle claims and attempt to minimize victim payments, he has continually proven that his knowledge of the “other side” is invaluable when crafting effective personal injury claims and fighting for full and fair compensation.

In addition to the extensive experience and rare perspective afforded by Attorney Nagle, the firm’s entire legal team shares a passion for guiding injured victims and families through difficult times and complex legal endeavors. Focused on always being easily accessible and available to address the immediate needs of clients, the firm’s attorneys offer their unwavering to support to clients in need whenever they are in need. Additionally, the firm’s legal team offers an unmatched level of personal attention, individualized service, and earnest support, all of which enable Nagle & Associates to achieve the unique goals of clients. The attorneys are able to serve residents across the state from their seven office locations.

Trust in a Firm with Decades of Serious Injury Accident Experience

With a positive reputation throughout the local and legal communities and a consistent record of successful case results, Nagle & Associates has demonstrated that they possess the skills, resources, and relentless dedication to see clients through tumultuous times and help them pursue the compensation they deserve. A practice committed to serving clients on an intimate, individual basis, the firm offers free case evaluations to injured victims throughout North Carolina looking to find more information about the firm, the firm’s legal team, and the ways in which they can help. Take advantage of this opportunity and allow a proven North Carolina auto accident attorney to review your case and explain precisely what they can do to secure the results you require. Contact Nagle & Associates today.

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