Do I Have to Pay Up-Front for Legal Services?


No. At Nagle & Associates, attorney fees are paid only after a settlement or verdict is secured. Simple private settlements are most common, and the firm's percentage fee structure leaves clients with no fee unless and until they win your case. This is called a contingency fee, and it eliminates potential clients' financial concerns. Typically, after an accident, the victims are not only struggling physically and emotionally, but financially. You have enough to worry about after a car accident. The last thing you should be concerning yourself over is how to pay for representation.

This is how it works:

  • You come to us with your auto accident claim for a free case evaluation
  • If you become a client, you start out by paying us nothing for our legal services
  • You only pay if we get a settlement for you
  • Our attorney fees are taken out of the total recovery amount

Nagle & Associates' fees are different than most other accident and injury law firms. For one, rather than taking one-third of your total recovery amount as our fee, we only take 25% and we only take that if you agree to and accept the settlement. Second, our firm does not require up-front costs or retainers. As your case proceeds, we will not surprise you with additional fees. All of our fees are paid only after compensation is awarded.

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