Cumerland County, NC Motorcycle Accident Attorney


Cumerland County, NC Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motor Vehicle Collision Lawyer Assisting Cumberland County Accident Victims

Motorcycle Accident In Cumerland County NCCumberland County, located in the southeastern section of North Carolina, was formed in 1754. Fayetteville is the county seat, and it was designated an “All American City” in 1985. The 300,000 residents of the county are spread throughout eight main towns. Many people commute to work or ride motorcycles for pleasure. If you or a loved one has been injured in a collision, we can help assert your right to compensation from the responsible party. A motorcycle enthusiast himself, Cumberland County motorcycle accident attorney Carl Nagle formerly worked as an insurance claims adjuster, and he knows the tactics employed by insurance companies in seeking to minimize accident claims. All of the staff at Nagle & Associates understand the severe impact of a motorcycle collision upon a victim and their family. We have successfully collected over $290,000,000 for victims, and we are skilled at negotiating and litigating complex personal injury matters.

Pursue Compensation for Injuries in a Motorcycle Accident

After a motor vehicle collision, it is important to establish fault in order to recover fair payment through a personal injury claim. North Carolina is among only a few states that maintain a rule of pure contributory negligence. Contributory negligence is behavior by a victim that contributed to their own injury. Under our NC pure contributory negligence law, if the victim contributes even slightly to the accident, they are completely barred from recovery. This isa harsh rule because even a small amount of fault denies compensation to the injured individual.

The importance of pure contributory negligence in an injury lawsuit is that once the victim is deemed partly at fault, or liable, for the accident, they will be denied payment for vehicle damage and medical claims. Insurance claims adjusters understand that by demonstrating fault on the part of the victim, they will be relieved from making payments on any claims. A claims adjuster often makes calculations based on what they anticipate in court, since the judge or jury reaches the ultimate decision on fault and liability.

If the defendant in a motorcycle collision lawsuit raises the defense of contributory negligence against the plaintiff, he or she would need to show that the plaintiff's conduct played a part in causing the accident and their resulting injuries. Fellow rider and former insurance claims adjuster Carl Nagle knows that insurance companies try to blame motorcycle riders in nearly every case! Because motorcycles are relatively fast, and because some jurors perceive riding as dangerous in and of itself, insurance adjusters frequently deny motorcycle accident claims. Fayetteville area motorcycle accident attorney stands ready to meet the opposition on your behalf, and to fight for the highest possible settlement or trial verdict in your Cumberland motorcycle injury case.

Victims of motorcycle collisions in Cumberland County and beyond may recover many types of damages. In some cases, damages serve to punish intentional misconduct or willful and wanton misconduct. These damages are called “punitive” or “exemplary” damages, and are essentially civil fines against repeat offender drunk drivers or those who commit dangerous or severely wrong actions. Motorcycle accident victims are also entitled to full payment for economic damages. Examples of economic damages include past medical expenses, such as hospital bills, as well as lost wages and income. Even if you have received sick leave, you may be able to recover for lost pay during the period of time you were unable to work due to the accident. Future medical expenses can also be recovered, especially in cases of permanent or long-term injuries. Additionally, motorcycle accident victims can also collect tax-free payment for general pain and suffering or emotional hardship like depression or post-collision anxiety.

Contact a Cumberland County Attorney after a Motorcycle Accident

At Nagle & Associates, we help people injured in a serious motor vehicle collision enforce their legal right to full and fair compensation. We discount legal fees so that more money goes to our clients and their families. We charge 25 percent of a settlement, as compared to the 33 percent that many other firms take. Our litigation and trial fee is 33%, far less than the 40+ percent that most firms charge. Cumberland County motorcycle accident lawyer Carl Nagle is dedicated to helping victims and their families get back on their feet after a crash. We provide a free case consultation with a motorcycle accident attorney and can be reached by calling (800) 411-1583 or by using the online form on our website.

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