Following an accident, victims often receive a flood of incoming information from personal injury attorneys. How can you possibly choose the right attorney?

If you suffered significant injury in an accident due to negligence, you will benefit from legal representation. Not only will the lawyer handle all the legwork (making the medical recovery and claims process much easier), but the attorney also earns his fee by adding to the amount insurers and responsible parties pay in money damages. An attorney also locates all insurance coverage and all hidden defendants who legally owe for victims’ losses. Victims of serious personal injury truly need legal representation. The question is, how do you find the right attorney?

The good news is, careful research should reveal a number of competent, aggressive personal injury trial attorneys in Raleigh, North Carolina and surrounding communities. Find a law practice that focuses on personal injury and accident cases in Raleigh, North Carolina. Look for an attorney who takes the time to listen to your story, and who explains his role in detail. Question the attorney on North Carolina state laws relating to your case, and their ability to present your case effectively in a trial setting. Most cases settle, but you should know from the outset that your attorney stands ready to win your case in Court.

Pick up the phone and speak with no less than three attorneys. Pretend during each conversation that you have not talked with another lawyer. This gives a fair take on the law firms’ service level, and each attorney’s experience and plan of action. Speak with each attorney about property damage, past and future medical expenses, future effect of injuries, wage loss, lost earning capacity, health insurance overlays, settlement likelihood, and all other details that come to mind. Your attorney should charge no fee for a thorough consultation. Details revealed in an initial consultation typically indicate the attorney’s level of attention to detail while handling your medical and financial affairs.

Diligent investigation, professionalism, experience, and focused client advocacy will produce significant increases in settlement payments. Remember, our fee is paid at the conclusion of the case, and is based solely on settlement value achieved. Thus, we are motivated to move cases swiftly, and to push for maximum compensation for our client. Further, to the extent that your attorney highlights helpful evidence, validates your threat of a winning lawsuit and increases the settlement value of your case, he pays his own fee.

Avoid choosing an attorney based on the volume or content of their advertising. Take your time to make a personal contact, and then make your choice. Remember, you are hiring an employee to work for your benefit, and we should earn your business. Also, remember that the right attorney makes a material difference in your peace of mind through the recovery from an accident, and in the amount of money damages that you receive through settlement or trial.

This is your only case. Invest time now to find a Raleigh attorney who you trust to present your case, and to properly handle all legal problems confronting you. Find a lawyer who you connect with, and then leave your worries in experienced hands.

If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident in Raleigh, or any of the surrounding communities, contact The Law Offices of Nagle & Associates to speak with a Raleigh, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Charlotte and Hickory injury and accident attorney today.

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