Catawba County, NC Hit And Run Accidents Attorney


Catawba County, NC Hit And Run Accidents Attorney

Hit And Run Accident In North CarolinaCatawba County is one of the areas in North Carolina where Cal Nagle and his law firm practice. The firm’s strength lies in its ability to secure large monetary claims for the victims of car accidents. As such, much of the Nagle group’s success is due to their caring hands-on approach to the needs of their clients. As a starter, the law firm has not bowed to the pressures of using voice mail and other impersonal tools in their practice. Amazingly, the film adheres to its policy of person to person human contact in their dealings with clients. We firmly believe in the power of a strong relationship with our clients. Contact hit and run accidents attorney today.

Face The Consequences

One of the most unfortunate types of car accidents are hit and run offenses. They are a cowardly offense. According to North Carolina laws, all persons involved in an accident must stop at the scene of the accident. If a driver flees the scene, he will face a driver’s licence offense as well as a criminal violation for his actions.

Victims of hit and run accidents are often left alone in critical condition, possibly facing death if they do not receive immediate medical attention. Should a death occur, the driver could face even more serious charges such as manslaughter. If you are a person who left the scene of a hit and run accident, consult with the Carl Nagle Law Firm at once and explore your rights in this very serious matter.

How Would You React

Put yourself in the shoes of a hit and run victim. You could be facing not only serious health issues resulting from the hit and run occurrence, the damages to your car and personal property could be horrendous, The situation can worsen if any of your passengers are injured. Not knowing if you will ever discover the perpetrator and not having access to his insurance company to file a claim against can have a horrible effect on your life.

But all is not lost, especially if you have Carl Nagle and his staff on your side. The team has the experience and wherewithal to extract difficult information by using the investigative powers available to them to locate the hit and run driver.

Why Choose Carl Nagler?

Carl Nagle is familiar with how insurance companies go about establishing payouts for hit and run occurrences. His early career was spent working as an insurance claims adjuster. He has the ability to extract every possible dollar and then some from them. Make the Carl Nagle advantage work for you. You will get greater results for less of a fee – (25% vs 40%) when you call Carl Nagler. The first consultation is FREE. Call the Nagle firm today at (800) 411-1583.

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