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Aggressive Raleigh Injury Lawyer Representing Car Accident Victims

At Nagle & Associates, we provide legal services and immediate problem solving for serious accident victims throughout North Carolina. We are committed to protecting our clients’ interests as they pursue fair payment for their injuries and damages resulting from a car, motorcycle, truck, bicycle or pedestrian accident. As a former insurance claims adjuster and insurance defense lawyer, Raleigh car accident lawyer Carl Nagle brings an insider’s edge to the firm’s representation of victims and their families. Since all of us take a proactive approach to legal representation, the team at Nagle & Associates increases the chance of settlement as well as the amount of the settlement award. Our firm’s consistent record of successful case results, combined with Mr. Nagle’s distinctive insights, has been one of the driving forces behind our ability to secure over $290 million in compensation for North Carolina clients, including people in Asheville, Winston-Salem, and Wilmington.

Legal Representation Provides Multiple Benefits to Accident Victims

The primary goal of legal representation in a personal injury case is to maximize all compensation that is paid to the collision victim. Since motor vehicle accident cases require proof of fault, they necessitate skill and technique, particularly when insurance companies are involved. Our car accident legal team takes immediate steps to gather, protect and present the best evidence to show exactly how your accident occurred. By successfully proving fault, we bring in all parties and insurance companies who should participate in payment of your car accident claims. Thorough crash investigation also convinces the opposition that you stand ready to win in court – which typically increases settlement offers and your chances of settling the case privately, without court involvement.

Experienced car accident lawyers also understand the complex damages laws here in North Carolina. Money damages that may be recovered in an injury lawsuit are meant to make the victim “whole.” While no reasonable person would trade their health for money, the law acknowledges that the victim did not choose to be in the accident. Thus, NC personal injury law provides money to the victim to cover out-of-pocket losses, and to provide the benefit of money to negate or offset the pain, suffering and inconveniences that the victim endured as a result of other drivers’ negligent acts.

A skilled North Carolina personal injury trial lawyer understands how to review medical records, work with physicians, and then how to employ trial experts to show how traumatic injuries will affect the victim’s finances, health and overall quality of life. By retaining economists and Certified Life Care Planners, and by coordinating communication between these experts and the victim’s doctors, we build evidence necessary to show what type of medical care will be required over the balance of the victim’s life. These steps are critical in the effort to ensure that victims with permanent injuries receive money needed to cover future medical costs and to compensate the victim for future suffering and lost quality of life.

An aggressive injury lawyer validates your threat of suit, and thus motivates the insurance carrier to come forward with settlement offers that are truly within the anticipated verdict range of the victim’s claims. To the extent that the injury lawyer increases your settlement offers, he pays his or her own legal fees. Beyond this increase, an injury lawyer also works to minimize outside claims against the personal injury settlement. For example, health insurance companies often claim a share of the victim’s settlement as reimbursement for what they paid for accident-related medical care. Our legal team negotiates with health insurance carriers and with doctors and hospitals to seek reductions in any amount that you must pay from your settlement. Every penny we save by reducing these outside claims against client settlement funds goes directly into our client’s pocket.

Because we only handle traumatic injury claims arising from North Carolina roadway accidents, we have mastered the laws of liability and insurance. Through thorough investigation, we identify all of the parties who are legally liable. In many cases, we find that two or more drivers together committed errors that led to a collision. In these cases, we are able to access and collect from insurance coverage for multiple drivers. If the roadway was poorly maintained, we may be able to collect additional money from the North Carolina Department of Transportation. Also, if we discover that the at-fault driver was on the job when the accident occurred, we can bring in the employer and their commercial insurance policy to help to fund all injury and accident claims. Simply put, an attorney makes sure that all responsible parties are included in the case, and we also make sure that we locate and access all available insurance policies to ensure that all accident and injury claims are paid in full.

An experienced traumatic injury lawyer also helps to guide the victim during their course of medical treatment. Nagle & Associates only handles NC vehicle accident cases, and we have a wealth of experience working with doctors and clients through the course of surgeries, physical therapy and rehabilitative care, and we understand medical issues that relate to all medical practice areas. While we are not doctors, we do listen carefully to understand your symptoms and recovery, and we offer answers and guidance whenever medical questions arise. We also advise our clients on how to properly utilize their own personal health insurance coverage, and at the same time maintain their claims against the at-fault driver(s) to secure maximum payment for medical bills, pharmacy charges and all other medical needs.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of legal representation is convenience. While our vehicle accident legal team works hard to increase the money you receive for all injury claims, we also work from day one to provide immediate answers and solutions for every client. We handle property damage claims free of charge. We handle all communications with insurance carriers and we also handle all case-building tasks such as gathering all medical bills and records and other injury evidence. We provide advice on how to cope with income loss, and how to deal with bill collectors and incoming medical bills that often add to the stress of NC car accident victims. Simply put, you work with your doctors to recover your health and we handle EVERYTHING ELSE!

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Nagle Lawyer BenefitsAt Nagle & Associates, we understand the lifelong physical, emotional, and financial consequences of a motor vehicle collision. Raleigh car accident attorney Carl Nagle is ready to advocate, negotiate, and litigate on behalf of clients throughout the state, including in Asheville, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, and Wilmington, as well as in Hickory, Greensboro, and other cities throughout Wake, Mecklenburg, Guilford, Durham, Catawba, Forsyth, and New Hanover Counties. Our legal team seeks a reduced fee of 25% of the settlement award, compared to the 33% charged by other firms. Contact Nagle & Associates for a free consultation with a motor vehicle collision attorney through our online form or by calling (800) 411-1583.

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