Asheville, NC Car Accident Law Firm


Asheville, NC Car Accident Law Firm

Car Accident in Wake County NCIf you were injured in an automobile accident in Asheville, you might be wondering who will cover your medical expenses, especially if you were not at fault. Unfortunately, the party responsible for the accident will not be required to pay for your expenses until liability is established, which may take months or even years.

But medical payments coverage will pay for necessary and reasonable medical and funeral expenses, provided you elected to add it to your own auto insurance policy, since it is not required under North Carolina state law. Contact car accident law firm today.

What is Medical Payments Coverage?

Medical payments coverage will reimburse you and your family members for medical expenses resulting from an auto accident in your car or someone else’s, and also if you’re injured by a car while walking or bicycling, regardless of fault. Other guests will qualify for the coverage if they are injured in your car.

Medical payments coverage can range from $1000 to $10,000 per person, and costs relatively little compared to the protection it provides. It will pay up to the limits listed in your policy for each injured individual, and deductibles do not apply, although some polices have specific time limits that the coverage must be used before it will expire. In North Carolina, medical payments coverage is excluded for expenses resulting from injuries incurred while occupying a motorized vehicle with less than four wheels.

If you were injured in an auto accident in Asheville due to another driver’s negligence and have questions about your medical bills, contact Nagle & Associates online or call (800) 411-1583. We offer free case evaluations and have seven offices conveniently located across North Carolina, including 60 North Market Street, Suite 1 in Ashville. Please call today.

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